The Lay Spirituality Program
of the Church of St. Francis Xavier
invites you to go within…
 to find the more your soul yearns for.
 Through listening, praying, reflecting and sharing,
we find and appreciate that our relationship with God is a beautiful, fulfilling journey.

Mission Statement:

Through the Lay Spirituality Program (“Lay Spirits”) at the Church of St. Francis Xavier, New York area lay people are committed to growing in deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and learning how to discern God’s will in our lives and bringing these fruits out into the world.

We see ourselves as carrying out the mandate of the Second Vatican Council to renew and reinvigorate the Church. To this end, Lay Spirits sponsors a ten-month spiritual formation program in a group format.

Lay Spirits also sponsors a variety of activities such as workshops, retreats and prayer services oriented toward specific spiritual themes. Lay Spirits gathers in the hope that by opening ourselves to each other, we are better able to open ourselves to God.