Joe Pecorella, Group 9
My journey with Lay Spirits was homecoming.

Nancy Fava
I saw a whole new side of myself.

Eileen Blanco, Group 24
Lay Sprits helped me to engage in my relationship with God in new and profound ways

Catherine Wolfe, Group 24
Though the program has ended, daily I recognize God and the Holy Spirit working through each of us in the here and now "

Ethelyn, Group 8
Lay Spirits brought me many new insights and enlightenment about myself, my faith life and others in my life. One of the greatest gifts is the prayer experience of an eight-day Ignatian-directed retreat and the wonder of a place called Linwood. Every person should experience it.

Grace, Group 23
Participating in the Lay Spirits Program was unarguably the best thing I’ve done for myself in years... having an ongoing group of spiritual companions who are non-judgmental and committed to an ongoing relationship has been a huge benefit.  It provides sustenance for the journey, which can seem lonely without spiritual companions...It was also a huge benefit to explore a working relationship with a spiritual advisor.

Jerry, Group 22
When thinking about my year participating in Lay Spirits, many speakers, evenings spent in prayer and the silent retreat stand out as important. But, the one element that stands out above all others was the community that was formed.  We represented every cross section of the city and world.  The age range was from mid twenties to late seventies; the group was equally divided male and female.  Each of us was at a different point in our lives and spiritual journeys.  Yet, in the midst of our busy city, we gathered weekly to explore and deepen our spirituality.  As we moved through the year, we grew individually and as a community.  This growth was spurred on by actively participating and listening to each other. It was this very act oflistening that stands out most in my memory.  I learned not only to listen to speakers and group members, but to listen to myself and to listen for God.  Every Tuesday we would meet and have a short opportunity to go into the church and pray. The Lay Spirituality Program afforded me the opportunity to take a few moments just to be silent in the presence of God; it was an extremely simple and important spiritual exercise that has changed my life.

Mary Anne, Group 23
...You will also explore the ways to inspire yourself spiritually.  In an amazing way, you will find yourself able to share your spiritual walk with others and they with you.  You will find yourself part of a spiritual community to whom you will be able to turn for as long as you wish.  Being in the Lay Spirits program is a gift.  I wish I had joined the program years ago, but then again, I was not ready then.  Consider it.